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September 2009, F&I and Showroom - Feature

A Dealer’s Guide to Compliant Paperwork

By Joe Bartolone

As most dealers know, paperwork can be a friend and foe. Compliance expert provides his guide for correcting 10 of the most common paperwork errors.

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So Here's the Deal

Ronald J. Reahard
Circling Back

By Ronald J. Reahard
Accepting a customer’s objection doesn’t mean you can’t circle back. The magazine’s F&I wiz shows a California F&I manager how it’s done.

[Video Tips Included] Value Demonstration

By Ronald J. Reahard
The magazine’s F&I wiz draws up the perfect way to illustrate a pre-owned vehicle’s remaining warranty and the value of purchasing additional coverage.

The Light-Bulb Close

By Ronald J. Reahard

Selling to Affluent Customers

By Ronald J. Reahard

Done Deal

Gregory Arroyo
The Tide Has Turned

By Gregory Arroyo
Has the CFPB changed its tune about dealer markups? The editor believes it has, but he says the battle to save rate discounts isn’t over.

Train. Discover. Network.

By Gregory Arroyo
The editor explains the meaning behind Industry Summit’s new tagline. He also discusses a new feature of this year’s program called Tech Talk.

Scoreboard Watching

By Gregory Arroyo

Watch Your Speed

By Gregory Arroyo

Mad Marv

Marv Eleazer
The ABCs of Customer Acceptance

By Marv Eleazer
His Madness profiles Type-D customers, buyers who show a total lack of interest in you, your sales process and whatever product you present.

We’re Not Apple Stores

By Marv Eleazer
His Madness is tired of supposed experts taking aim at the F&I office. He delivers a stern defense of the box and the process that drives it.

Regulatory Pricing

By Marv Eleazer

Spotting the Issue

By Marv Eleazer

On the Point

Jim Ziegler
500-Car Pileup

By Jim Ziegler
Da Man ponders a future where all cars are driverless — and prone to hackers. He calls on automakers to get serious about securing their vehicles.

Taking on Water

By Jim Ziegler
Da Man has a warning for dealerships that play those stair-step incentive games: Don’t get caught in the never-ending cycle of phantom profits.

A GM’s Checklist for Profitability

By Jim Ziegler

Packing Heat

By Jim Ziegler