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September 2009, F&I and Showroom - Feature

A Dealer’s Guide to Compliant Paperwork

By Joe Bartolone

As most dealers know, paperwork can be a friend and foe. Compliance expert provides his guide for correcting 10 of the most common paperwork errors.

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So Here's the Deal

Ronald J. Reahard
(Video) Limiting Chargebacks

By Ronald J. Reahard
By outlining your customers’ responsibilities and providing instructions for filing a claim, you can reduce chargebacks and keep the F&I revenue flowing.

[Video] The Average LIfecycle Close

By Ronald J. Reahard
The magazine’s resident F&I pro offers a close designed specifically for car buyers who believe whatever issues they face will occur within the factory warranty’s coverage period.

[Video] Perfect Timing

By Ronald J. Reahard

The Follow Up

By Ronald J. Reahard

Done Deal

Gregory Arroyo
Swimming in the Deep End

By Gregory Arroyo
The editor is excited about Dealer Summit, Compliance Summit and diving into the first-ever F&I Think Tank. He explains why you should be, too.

Outing the CFPB

By Gregory Arroyo
The House Financial Services Committee’s decision to release confidential CFPB documents was a big win for the industry. But will it be enough to stop the bureau’s attack on dealer participation?

Watch Your Fee

By Gregory Arroyo

We Got Them Wrong

By Gregory Arroyo

Mad Marv

Marv Eleazer
Controlling the Conversation

By Marv Eleazer
His Madness is tired of all this new-age F&I talk. He calls on F&I managers everywhere to change the conversation by upping their game in three critical areas.

Watch That Attitude

By Marv Eleazer
His Madness says being a top F&I professional requires more than just skill and talent — it’s how one rebounds from a bad deal, day or month that separates the best from the rest.

No Demo, No TO

By Marv Eleazer

Keep ’Em Separated

By Marv Eleazer

On the Point

Jim Ziegler
The Cover-Up

By Jim Ziegler
Da Man suspects General Motors’ multi-million dollar recall settlement won’t be the last the industry hears of manufacturers hiding defects that could potentially harm customers.

Prospect Holding On Line One

By Jim Ziegler
‘Da Man’ returns with a reality check for dealers who have never considered what happens when a customer calls their store.

500-Car Pileup

By Jim Ziegler

Taking on Water

By Jim Ziegler