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March 2016, F&I and Showroom - Feature

4 Social Media Landmines

Photo courtesy of iStock.

By Eric Gandarilla

Dealership expert identifies four common landmines dealers run into when marketing on social media, and offers recommendations for staying out of the crosshairs of regulators.

Tags: CFPB, compliance, FTC, Policies, social media

October 2015, F&I and Showroom - Feature

Social Mishap

By Dave Druzynski

Can you fire an employee for making inappropriate posts on social media? A human resources expert explains why the answer might be ‘No.’

Tags: employees, human resources, social media

October 2015, F&I and Showroom - Feature

5 Keys to Going Social

By Bruce Rzentkowski

The magazine’s resident retail expert identifies five elements every social media strategy must have to ensure the marketing channel doesn’t become a big waste of time.

Tags: marketing, social media, social media marketing, technology

July 2015, F&I and Showroom - Cover Story

Status Update

Earlier this year, LaFontaine Automotive Group launched an in-house marketing team to handle both traditional and digital media. 

By Brittany-Marie Swanson

Marketing experts and dealers alike agree that dealers who ignore social media are more than behind the times — they are driving away potential customers.

Tags: Digital Air Strike, Facebook, facebook advertising, Online Marketing, online reputation management, social media

June 2015, F&I and Showroom - Feature

Too Much Information

By Dave Druzynski

If you are Googling prospective employees or checking out their social media profiles, you could be running afoul of anti-discrimination laws.

Tags: employment, human resources, social media

January 2014, F&I and Showroom - Feature

3 Pillars of Digital Marketing

By Joe Mescher

Media strategist says digital marketing’s three core principles will not only help you cut through all the tech jargon and acronyms, they’ll serve as your guide in this ever-changing marketing space.

Tags: digital marketing, online reputation management, social media

February 2013, F&I and Showroom - Feature


By Brittni Rubin

Before you hash up your next Twitter promotion, check out this primer on the dos and don’ts of hashtagging.

Tags: Brittni Rubin, hashtag, social media, Tips, twitter

August 2012, F&I and Showroom - Cover Story

Points of Pinterest

Joe Ciaccia discovered Pinterest while searching for home decorating ideas. That experience led the social media and web manager to open up an account on the social network for his Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Bay Ridge Toyota.

By Stephanie Forshee

Joe Ciaccia thinks Pinterest offers dealers what Facebook and Twitter never will. Find out what it is and how his dealership plans to capitalize on the photo-based social network.

Tags:, Bay Ridge Toyota, Ben Silbermann, Dominion Dealer Solutions, Evan Sharp, Experian, George Nenni, Heather Dougherty, Jody DeVere, Joe Ciaccia, Pinterest, Ray Whitlow, social media, Stephanie Forshee, Steve Rayman Chevrolet

May 2012, F&I and Showroom - Feature

Finding the Digital Sweet Spot

By Gregory Arroyo

Marketers say they will direct more ad dollars toward social media and mobile marketing this year, but they admit to being a bit perplexed as to which digital channel is the most effective.

Tags: digital marketing, display advertising, e-mail blasts, facebook advertising, Kelton Research, search advertising, social media, text-message marketing, Video Advertising

March 2012, F&I and Showroom - Feature

In High Demand

By Jennifer Washington

The demand for digital marketing tools at NADA 2012 was a tell-tale sign of the industry’s changing attitude toward the Internet.

Tags: chat software, Dealer Websites, eBay Motors, Internet Leads, inventory, iPad Business Applications, lead generation, lead management, live chat, marketing, Mobile Applications, mobile leads, mobile solution, Mobile Website, online reputation management, social media, web marketing

March 2012, F&I and Showroom - Cover Story

Updating F&I

By Gregory Arroyo

Connecting F&I to the digital world was the talk at the annual dealer and lender conventions last month, and opinions varied on what the F&I office of the future will look like.

Tags: Bank of America, Chase, Dealertrack, Generation Y, Group 1 Automotive, iPad, iPad Business Applications, J.D. Power and Associates, Mobile Applications, Mobile Website, NADA, NADA Convention and Expo, Reynolds & Reynolds, social media, SOCIALDEALER, Wells Fargo

February 2012, F&I and Showroom - Feature

6 Digital Marketing Tools to Consider

By Brian Pasch

Digital marketing tools are sure to line the aisle ways at this year’s annual dealer conference. The magazine’s marketing expert lists six solutions you need to consider.

Tags: CRM, digital marketing, Facebook, marketing, Mobile Applications, Mobile Website, online reputation management, social media, web marketing

February 2012, F&I and Showroom - Feature

F&I’s Social Link

By Kathi Kruse

Social media represents an opportunity for the F&I office to be seen, heard and trusted.

Tags: social media, web marketing

September 2011, F&I and Showroom - Feature

4 Social Media Pitfalls to Avoid

Dan Kilian and Kristina Reid of Meade Lexus in Southfield, Mich., are using social media to raise the dealership’s online profile. But they also have taken steps to remain compliant, adding links to any required disclosure statements.

By Jim Radogna

The social media sphere offers great opportunities to market your store, but there are several legal traps inherent to this type of viral marketing. Compliance expert reviews four of them in this digital marketing primer.

Tags: compliance, digital compliance, policies and procedures, social media, web marketing

August 2011, F&I and Showroom - Feature

Character Development

The “Captain Credit” Facebook page has garnered 349 friends since Haddad Dealerships’ finance director, Chris Cochran, launched it in 2008.

By Tariq Kamal

Chris ‘Captain Credit’ Cochran struck gold for Haddad Dealerships with a social media promotion that grew into a standalone special finance department.

Tags: AmeriCredit, dealer, Exeter Finance Corp., F&I manager, Finance, Santander Consumer USA, social media, special finance

May 2011, F&I and Showroom - Feature

The Blogger

By Justina Ly

By day, Wally Higginbotham is a general manager. By night, he’s a blogger whose posts have attracted more than a half million views and several new customers. Can a blog do the same for your dealership?

Tags: blogging, Dealer Websites, Internet, social media

January 2011, F&I and Showroom - WebXclusive

Social Media’s True Calling

Visitors to Metro Honda of Union County (N.C.)’s Website can watch videos detailing the store’s work with local schools, as well as contests, giveaways and more.

By David Johnson

Expert explains why linking social media to your community outreach efforts might be the way to go.

Tags: social media, Tips for Success

January 2011, F&I and Showroom - Cover Story

Your Online Reputation

Confident in Chacon Autos’ longstanding tradition of stellar customer service, CEO Gary Chaney is willing to absorb the occasional negative review in the interest of serving Dallas’ special finance market.

By Justina Ly

Word of mouth has always been the dealer’s best marketing tool, but the Internet age has changed the rules. Find out what dealers are doing to regain control of their reputations.

Tags: social media, web marketing

December 2010, F&I and Showroom - Feature

Four-Step Strategy for Social Media Success

Each member of the Midlands Honda team played a role in executing the dealership’s social media strategy, and each shared in its success. The store was able to demonstrate significant gains in customer ratings on multiple sites, including Google reviews and

By Rob Hagen

Midlands Honda in Columbia, S.C., is proof that social media can improve a dealership’s bottom line by generating ROI and creating loyal customers.

Tags: Customer Service, Facebook, social media, web marketing

November 2010, F&I and Showroom - Feature

F&I’s Role in the New Economy

Heather Haynes of JM&A Group said the F&I office should get involved early with every type of buyer.

By Gregory Arroyo and Justina Ly

Is it time for the F&I manager’s role to expand? Industry experts offered their advice for handling the post-recession consumer.

Tags: consumer confidence, F&I Conference & Expo, internet sales, social media

August 2010, F&I and Showroom - Cover Story

Conicelli's Triple Threat

Michael Hammond Sr. (left) is Conicelli's vice president of sales and marketing. Lori Hammond (center) oversees Conicelli’s Internet department, while her stepson Michael Hammond Jr. (right) manages the dealer group’s social media accounts.

By Justina Ly

Pennsylvania’s Conicelli Autoplex touts one of the nation’s top Internet departments. Meet the three people behind this online success story.

Tags: automotive SEO, Internet Leads, social media, web marketing

August 2010, F&I and Showroom - Feature

Your Social Media Toolkit

By David Johnson

Dealer trainer explains why influence, not exposure, is the real power behind social-media marketing.

Tags: blogging, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, social media, twitter

May 2010, F&I and Showroom - Cover Story

Accessory to Profits

Staff from the dealership’s parts and service departments managed the cashier’s area, which served an endless line of customers snapping up BMW Performance parts, T-shirts, model cars, coffee mugs and other paraphernalia. The event raked in $22,000 in gross sales of parts, accessories and apparel, and funneled in 180 new-car leads a week later.

By Justina Ly

A California dealership opens its doors to the ‘tuner’ market in an effort to drive profits. Find out how it used social media, grassroots marketing and partnerships with aftermarket companies to produce a successful, traffic-driving event.

Tags: Accessory Market, social media

April 2010, F&I and Showroom - Feature

Technology Takes Center Stage

Speaking on legislation that could enact the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, AFSA's Bill Himpler said the new agency might be off the table, but warned that regulators "still want a pound of flesh from the bank industry." As if on cue, Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.) who is championing finance reform legislation, unveiled a new bill in March that would create a consumer division inside the Federal Reserve, which AFSA opposes.

By Gregory Arroyo

Dealers at the industry's annual get-together said the Internet will set the terms for the market's recovery.

Tags: AFSA, credit unions, dealer, F&I products, Internet, inventory, NADA, parts and service, social media, technology

March 2010, F&I and Showroom - Feature

The New Word of Mouth

By Gregory Arroyo

When it comes to social networking, the question is not what it can do for your business, but what it can tell you about your business.

Tags: social media

March 2010, F&I and Showroom - Feature

5 Steps to Social Media Success

When it comes to social media, staying up with trends is crucial. is a good source for this information. It’s not solely focused on social networking, as it covers all trends related to the Internet.

By Jordan Denham

In today’s Web 2.0 environment, the dealership doesn’t define its customer base, it’s the customer base that defines the dealership. Check out these five steps to launching a social-networking campaign.

Tags: social media

February 2010, F&I and Showroom - Cover Story

Digital Battlegrounds

By Justina Ly

With the battle for customers going online, dealers are racing to get their hands around this budding marketing medium. Three dealers provide a peek into their strategies.

Tags: Experian, J.D. Power and Associates,, Mudd Advertising, social media

October 2009, F&I and Showroom - Cover Story

Clicking Outside the Box

By Justina Ly

Changes to the economic landscape and media consumption habits have altered the rules of marketing and promotion. Learn how dealers are adjusting.

Tags: automotive SEO, Carfax, Cobalt, Dominion Dealer Services, Facebook, Gambit Mobile, marketing, RouteOne, social media, Web2Carz, YouTube

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