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Crack the Credit Union Code
Is your local credit union a friend or a foe? The magazine’s resident F&I wiz offers a four-step process you can use to unlock a powerful new auto finance source.
Digital Is Great, Until It’s Not
Switching to a digital menu has its benefits, but dealers can’t expect it to deliver on its promise without a plan of action.
Make F&I Great Again
Technology insider looks at four technologies designed to keep F&I managers in the digital retailing game.
3 Elements of a Balanced Online F&I Strategy
Flooding your dealership’s website with F&I content without a strategy can be just as costly as underreacting to the Digital Age. The magazine’s resident F&I pro details a balanced approach for taking F&I online.
Richardson describes the group’s sales and F&I processes as ‘predictable,’ meaning the organization values consistency and demands a high level of professionalism and courtesy in sales and F&I. F&I Pacesetters: Cecil Atkission Motors
For the last 25 years, the six-rooftop, Kerrville, Texas-based dealer group has operated under the belief that ‘When products are similar, the dealer makes the difference.”