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The NADA’s leadership takes a tour of the show floor at the association’s annual convention. To Catch a Customer
Optimists at the NADA and the AFSA conferences believe the industry is primed to sell a million more vehicles this year than in 2012. But as one dealer rep said, it’s going to take a unified effort to make that prediction a reality.
Compliance software helped Jason Gorr confirm his suspicions about a customer posing as a car buyer from Tennessee. His actions helped law enforcement arrest the ID thief, who had bilked five dealerships in four states. To Catch a Thief
Standing on the front lines of the government’s campaigns against terrorist activity and identity theft has put dealers in a tough spot — especially when that fight steps foot inside the dealership.
Facts, Anyone?
Stories about dealer practices that harm consumers are prevalent, but the facts seem to be difficult to come by.
Show of Force
The nation’s chief enforcement agency singled out five dealers for deceptive advertising in March. The magazine’s resident legal wiz weighs in.
10 Predictions for 2012
The magazine’s legal wiz shines up his crystal ball to offer his predictions on how the CFPB and the FTC will flex their regulatory muscles in 2012.