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February 2009, F&I and Showroom - Feature

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“Our profits are up probably about $200 a car from where we were”.- Kelly Price, vice president and corporate finance director at Sunnyside Automotive Dealer Group works with The Impact Group.

"The highly skilled staff at QuantechSoftware understands our business. Their software was designed by F&I professionals and it shows. Using Quantech software products has helped us increase F&I profits substantially. The cooperation we received from the support staff in setting up our multi-site program was fantastic. These people really care."- Ross Crawford, GM, CAA Car Care Centre, works with

“It has tripled our back end. Right now, as of this month, we have gone from $400 a copy to $1,200 a copy.”– Jay Leonard, owner, Preferred Automotive Group, Inc., works with Finance Profit Center

“Obviously we generate a lot of reports and paperwork,” he said. “That used to have to be done on a manual basis, but now I just have to click a few times and it gives me a variety of reports for the office, for sales, and for myself — so there’s no guesswork.- Dan Melko, finance director for Biggers Chevrolet in Elgin, Ill, works with Dealer Group Midwest

“I can look in, look at the product that was sold, the percentage of product that was sold any given day or month. I can look at which F&I managers and which salespeople are selling, and see which products are selling and which are not,”- Trent Tobias, Vice President and General Manager, Anthony Pontiac-GMC-Buick, works with StoneEagle Group

“Menu presentation made a difference in the very first month it was used at the dealership. “There’s already an increase in income per deal, and our product sales have gone up. Our per-unit profit has increased a little more than $300.”- Vidal Lopez, finance director at Bob Turner’s Ford Country in Albuquerque, N.M.., works with Innovative Aftermarket Systems

“DealerTrack is extremely convenient. When you use DealerTrack, it allows you to send the credit app to more than one lender at a time. It’s definitely time-efficient.”- Sandra Smith, Business Manager, Kelly Car & Truck Center in Allentown, Pa. works with DealerTrack

“The deal information only has to loaded in tot he system once, then it follows the deal all the way through the deal, which is a big time saver”- Neil Thomason, Director of Training at Market Scan

"I love this software! My PVR has increased 30% since using the F&I Menu Wizard"- Gunnar Williams, Marty Cancila's Dodge World, St Louis, MO, works with F&I Menu Wizard