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The U.S. Tax Court was the site of a major decision pertaining to a dispute between a leasing company and the IRS. The case was heard more than 40 years ago, but the standard used to determine the victor still applies today. LHPH Residual Affects Tax Depreciation
Tax expert delves into the lease-here, pay-here business. He explains why closed-end leases do not guarantee tax depreciation.
It’s a Win-Win-Win
Special finance guru breaks down his process for desking a deal that works for you, your customer and the finance company. He also delves into lender relations and more.
Check the Stubs
Fraudulent paystubs are a serious threat to your dealership and the trust you’ve built with your finance companies. Special finance guru warns that such incidents are on the rise, and customers aren’t the only guilty parties.
Capturing the Special Finance lead
Special finance expert explains how he would spend his advertising dollars to attract credit-challenged customers in today’s market.
Steps to the SpiFi Interview
F&I managers must decide for themselves whether the customer interview is advisable or expendable, but the magazine’s subprime insider says it’s mandatory for special finance managers.