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So Here's the Deal

Ronald J. Reahard
The ‘No Need’ Objection

By Ronald J. Reahard
A Kentucky F&I pro asks how to build value in the service contract when a customer feels confident in the quality of the brand they’re buying.

A New Resource

By Ronald J. Reahard
Celebrated F&I trainer introduces a new resource for F&I managers and car buyers. Read on to get the details.

Stump the Pro

Tony Dupaquier
Determining the Need

By Tony Dupaquier
The magazine’s objection-handling wiz revisits a common barrier to the service-contract sale. His advice? Don’t sell what the customer doesn’t need.

Improving the F&I Experience

By Tony Dupaquier
The magazine’s objection-handling wiz explains why he sought out tools that address today's millennial customer at this year’s NADA Convention and Expo.

Done Deal

Gregory Arroyo
Risk Assessment

By Gregory Arroyo
The more dealers venture online to capture sales, the more they put themselves at risk of a data breach. The editor shares some insights he picked up during this year’s Vehicle Finance Conference.

The Mobile Divide

By Gregory Arroyo
The editor explains why he keeps giving the mobile menu ink despite not hearing about a major pickup in adoption for the F&I selling tool.

The CFPB Strikes Back

By Gregory Arroyo

Don’t Underestimate the CFPB

By Gregory Arroyo

Mad Marv

Marv Eleazer
Casey’s Mighty Lesson

By Marv Eleazer
His Madness delves into American literature to deliver a message to those who say cash deals aren’t their style.

Finding the Right Mix

By Marv Eleazer
A minister’s lesson about having too much of a good thing turns out to be a great guide for lender selection. His Madness offers a few other tips for managing those relationships.

Taking Control

By Marv Eleazer

Who’s On Third?

By Marv Eleazer

On the Point

Jim Ziegler
Don’t Fear the Money

By Jim Ziegler
Da Man has a message for F&I pros who dread their bosses’ return from their 20 Group meeting.

Stepping Up Your Game

By Jim Ziegler
Instead of resorting to name calling, Da Man says dealers and their sales teams could learn a lot from sales event companies.

Haters Will Hate

By Jim Ziegler

Achieving the Big Numbers

By Jim Ziegler