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Done Deal

Gregory Arroyo
Captive Audience

By Gregory Arroyo
The editor has a little egg on his face after discovering that his recent criticisms of technology pushers were unwarranted.

The Future Is Now

By Gregory Arroyo
After consulting the experts, the editor remains optimistic about the changing relationship between dealers and today’s Internet shopper.

Don’t Discriminate

By Gregory Arroyo

No Pain, No Gain

By Gregory Arroyo

Mad Marv

Marv Eleazer
Recipe for Success

By Marv Eleazer
Mrs. Marv inspires His Madness once again, as he realizes the connection between her culinary expertise and the plight of the F&I manager.

Preventive Medicine

By Marv Eleazer
His Madness is reminded of the importance of disclosure after experiencing buyer’s remorse over a new mobile phone plan. The experience led him to develop a few best practices for ensuring sold customers stay that way.

The Little Things

By Marv Eleazer

Stitch by Stitch

By Marv Eleazer

Sales Driver

Cory Mosley
Sweat the Small Stuff

By Cory Mosley
Does a wrinkled shirt or an undone tie really matter to a skilled professional? The magazine’s resident retail strategist says they do.

Challenge Yourself

By Cory Mosley
The magazine’s resident sales strategist offers five tips for driving incremental business that is predictable and sustainable.

Showroom Confidential

By Cory Mosley

Signing Rookies

By Cory Mosley

On the Point

Jim Ziegler
Show Me the ‘Ups’

By Jim Ziegler
After taking a call from an angry dealer, ‘Da Man’ issues another warning to sites that claim to sell customer impressions. He says its time these companies start delivering the ‘ups’ dealers are paying for.

The Power of Attraction

By Jim Ziegler
‘Da Man’ has become somewhat of a social media evangelist. But it’s not what you can do; it’s what you can find in social media that has him so high on the marketing medium.

Off With Their Heads

By Jim Ziegler

No Do-Overs

By Jim Ziegler



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