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May 31, 2016 - Industry News

SUV/CUV Loyalty Soars to Record Levels, IHS Automotive Reports

The analysis, which looked at more than 1.9 million return-to-market events during the first quarter, found that 63% of SUV/CUV owners who returned to market for a new vehicle during the first quarter purchased another SUV or CUV.

Tags: Consumer Buying Habits, CUV, Market Trend Analysis, New Vehicle Registrations, SUV

May 24, 2016 - Industry News

AP Poll: Two-Thirds of Americans Can’t Afford $1,000 Emergency

Conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center of Public Affairs, the poll found that 75% of households making less than $50,000 a year would have difficulty coming up with $1,000 to cover an unexpected bill.

Tags: Consumer Buying Habits, consumer confidence, consumer debt, Great Recession, parts and service, Repairs, Service Contracts

April 19, 2016 - Industry News

Consumers Prefer Compliant Dealerships, Survey Shows

A survey that targeted both consumers and car dealers found that the majority of consumer respondents favored dealerships that adhere to federal regulations. However, survey results also reveal that the majority of dealerships polled did not offer their employees comprehensive compliance training.

Tags: compliance, Consumer Buying Habits, Survey, Total Dealer Compliance

May 14, 2015 - Industry News

FTC Calls on States to Lift Direct-to-Consumer Sales Bans

A new Michigan bill that would allow ‘autocycle’ manufacturer Elio Motors to sell directly to consumers spurs the Federal Trade Commission to urge all states to lift bans on direct-to-consumer sales.

Tags: Consumer Buying Habits, Federal Trade Commission, legislation, manufacturers, Michigan, Tesla, Tesla Motors

January 30, 2014 - Industry News

Cobalt, Partner to Study Online Automotive Shopper Behavior

Cobalt and Edmunds will analyze consumer behavior across advertising networks, search engines, independent research sites, manufacturer sites, regional and dealer websites to help marketers understand the advertising value attribution of different content.

Tags: ADP Dealer Services, Cobalt, Consumer Buying Habits,

February 9, 2012 - Industry News

Economy, Aging Vehicles Drive ‘Do-It-Yourselfers,’ Reports

The economy and aging vehicle population continues to spur more car owners to do more of their own auto repairs, according to’s 2012 DIY Report.

Tags:, Consumer Buying Habits, Vehicle Maintenance

December 21, 2011 - Industry News

40 Percent of Drivers Delaying Auto Maintenance, Consumer Reports Says

A poll by Consumer Reports revealed that cash-strapped consumers are delaying automotive maintenance at the potential cost of their safety.

Tags: Consumer Buying Habits, parts and service, Vehicle Maintenance

December 20, 2011 - Industry News

High Prices Will Limit EV Sales in 2012, Says Research Firm

A white paper issued by Pike Research revealed that many potential buyers will hold off on purchases of electric vehicles during 2012 due to the premium pricing of the vehicles.

Tags: Consumer Buying Habits, Electric Vehicles, Pricing, transaction prices

December 15, 2011 - Industry News

Quality Trumps Price for Car Buyers, CarMax Reports

For the second straight year, car buyers said “quality” is the most influential factor when shopping for a vehicle in CarMax Inc.'s annual consumer survey, with more than double the amount of respondents choosing quality over price in this year’s study.

Tags: CarMax, Consumer Buying Habits, Internet Shopper

November 15, 2011 - Industry News

Retail Sales Rise Ahead of Holiday Shopping Season

After a strong 1.1 percent month-over-month gain in September, U.S. retail sales increased last month by 0.5 percent to $397.7 billion, the Commerce Department reported today.

Tags: Commerce Department, Consumer Buying Habits, consumer demand, Retail Sales

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