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The Right Approach to Adverse Action Notices
The Right Approach to Adverse Action Notices

February 9, 2018
Compliance expert gets into the weeds on adverse actions. He explains why you must send a notice to every affected customer, and breaks down your choice of...

REAL ID Has Arrived
REAL ID  Has Arrived

December 4, 2017
January marks the first implementation deadline for the federal REAL ID Act. Compliance expert outlines the law, its requirements, and two potential issues...

To Catch a Thief
To Catch a Thief

November 14, 2017
The magazine’s resident compliance pro says Red Flags tools aren’t foolproof. He offers four tips for vetting suspicious buyers who seem to have all the...

F&I’s Compliance Driver
F&I’s Compliance Driver

September 18, 2017
An electronic menu can do more than drive the F&I process. Compliance expert offers standards and practices you can use to unlock an emenu’s true potential.

Setting Up the Edesk
Setting Up the Edesk

August 19, 2017
Continuing with his noble effort to define the edealership, the magazine’s resident compliance pro explains why the desking process is ripe for digitization.

Kinks Will Be Kinks
Kinks Will Be Kinks

July 7, 2017
Electronic processes won’t cure the ‘kinks’ who flout the rules and regulations governing F&I, but they will make their bad behavior easier to track.

Defining the Edealership
Defining the  Edealership

June 9, 2017
Evolving times require evolving minds. Compliance expert offers a case study to help conceptualize the concept of converting brick-and-mortar dealerships...

Credit App Fraud Not a Victimless Crime
Credit App Fraud Not a Victimless Crime

May 2, 2017
Falsifying any of the five key credit determinants on a credit application generates a long list of potential victims inside and outside the dealership.

Navigating the 'New' Used Car Buyer’s Guide
Navigating the 'New' Used Car  Buyer’s Guide

April 11, 2017
The magazine’s compliance guru breaks down the Federal Trade Commission’s final revisions to the Used Car Rule. His message to dealers is don’t overthink it.

Remote Deliveries: Proceed With Caution
Remote Deliveries:  Proceed With Caution

March 7, 2017
When it comes to out-of-state deliveries, the magazine’s resident compliance guru says proceed with caution. He lays out a simple process for guarding your...

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