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Rising GAP Claims Reveal Troubling Trends
Rising GAP Claims Reveal Troubling Trends

March 9, 2017
GAP rates are on the rise. Insiders say dealers should welcome the increases, adding that the performance of this core F&I product points to a severe...

How to Lose a Customer

March 7, 2017
The editor shares a story of good intentions gone wrong. He believes there’s a learning lesson for all, including himself.

Resistance Isn’t Always Futile

February 10, 2017
The editor delves into results of a new study that says 60% of dealers who aren’t using tablets aren’t even considering adopting them.

Time to Change the Message

January 10, 2017
The editor wonders what marketers hope to accomplish by bashing F&I and warns them not to bite the hand that pushes the buttons.

Turning 100

December 27, 2016
The editor reflects on his decade-long connection to the industry and the 100-year-old association that drives it.

Are the CFPB’s Days Numbered?

December 6, 2016
Can President-elect Donald Trump really deliver on his promise to ‘dismantle the Dodd-Frank Act’? The editor’s regulatory insiders say that outcome, while...

Anti-Consumer, Me?

November 7, 2016
The editor addresses claims that he’s anti-consumer and anti-transparent. Apparently, he’s been sitting on the digital fence a little too long.

Leading the Pack
Leading the Pack

November 4, 2016
Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford of Lewisville capped off a banner year with F&I and Showroom’s F&I Dealer of the Year award.

F&I's Big Moment

October 4, 2016
The editor shares the details of what he believes will go down as a historic moment in the history of F&I.

Examining the Bricks-to-Clicks Push
Examining the Bricks-to-Clicks Push

October 4, 2016
Tech vendors believe the industry needs to respond to customer dissatisfaction with the F&I process, but not everyone believes moving the process online is...

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