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Car Buyers Need F&I

August 6, 2018
Current market trends are playing right into the F&I product pitch, but they also reveal trouble ahead for the automotive retail industry at large.

Protecting F&I’s Future

July 3, 2018
The editor responds to a reader’s question about whether F&I managers are being replaced by iPads and digital retailing tools.

Special Report: Unwinding the CFPB
Special Report: Unwinding the CFPB

May 31, 2018
F&I tracks the rise and fall of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s aggressive but ultimately futile five-year assault on dealer participation.

Game Almost Over

May 30, 2018
With the CFPB’s controversial guidance officially repealed, the editor delves into what the bureau was really after in its targeting of dealer participation.

Transparency Wave Rolling Into F&I
Transparency Wave Rolling Into F&I

May 7, 2018
Digital retailing invaded the Las Vegas Convention Center in late March for NADA 2018, but its arrival did little to bring clarity to F&I’s cloudy future.

The Repair Is Covered
The Repair Is Covered

May 7, 2018
The editor opens up about his first service-contract claim, which resulted in a covered and repaired vehicle as well as a few lessons.

Change Is Happening

April 5, 2018
Saddened by the potential loss of another piece of his childhood, the editor tries to put the pieces together when he realizes there’s a good lesson to be...

F&I in the Era of Digital Darwinism
F&I in the Era of Digital Darwinism

April 3, 2018
Darwin Automotive’s Phillip Battista has some strong opinions about digital retailing and online F&I, and he worries some providers — and their dealers —...

Who Will Take Up the CFPB's Torch?

March 12, 2018
The CFPB’s acting director tells state regulators there will no longer be ‘regulation by enforcement,” but the editor believes there’s a long list of...

Military Lending Act Guidance: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

March 8, 2018
Thanks could be in order when the industry gets together for NADA 2018, as the editor hears that a resolution to the Military Lending Act controversy isn’t...

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