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Resistance Isn’t Always Futile

February 10, 2017
The editor delves into results of a new study that says 60% of dealers who aren’t using tablets aren’t even considering adopting them.

Time to Change the Message

January 10, 2017
The editor wonders what marketers hope to accomplish by bashing F&I and warns them not to bite the hand that pushes the buttons.

Turning 100

December 27, 2016
The editor reflects on his decade-long connection to the industry and the 100-year-old association that drives it.

Are the CFPB’s Days Numbered?

December 6, 2016
Can President-elect Donald Trump really deliver on his promise to ‘dismantle the Dodd-Frank Act’? The editor’s regulatory insiders say that outcome, while...

Anti-Consumer, Me?

November 7, 2016
The editor addresses claims that he’s anti-consumer and anti-transparent. Apparently, he’s been sitting on the digital fence a little too long.

Leading the Pack
Leading the Pack

November 4, 2016
Sam Pack’s Five Star Ford of Lewisville capped off a banner year with F&I and Showroom’s F&I Dealer of the Year award.

F&I's Big Moment

October 4, 2016
The editor shares the details of what he believes will go down as a historic moment in the history of F&I.

Examining the Bricks-to-Clicks Push
Examining the Bricks-to-Clicks Push

October 4, 2016
Tech vendors believe the industry needs to respond to customer dissatisfaction with the F&I process, but not everyone believes moving the process online is...

Setting the Pace
Setting the Pace

September 2, 2016
This year’s field of F&I Pacesetters consists of operations from California, Illinois, Texas, and Wisconsin. Each boasts active management teams, pay plans...

Striking a Balance

September 1, 2016
Moved by what he heard from this year’s F&I Pacesetters, the editor offers his thoughts on a topic he believes the industry needs to seriously address.

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