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Menus Don’t Work Miracles
Menus Don’t Work Miracles

August 6, 2018
A fancy new menu can help streamline processes and improve customer engagement, but it won’t replace the hard-won skill and compassion of a true F&I...

Avoiding the AAA Objection

July 3, 2018
Top trainer advises F&I pros to eliminate the ‘I have AAA’ objection by downplaying the very real — but relatively minor — roadside assistance benefit...

(Video) Capture Missed VSC Sales
(Video) Capture Missed VSC Sales

May 31, 2018
In response to a reader question, the magazine’s F&I wiz updates his plan for re-pitching service contracts to customers who declined the protection at the...

The Dealer Moved My Goal Posts

May 7, 2018
Top trainer has hard-earned advice — and a word of warning — for F&I pros whose dealers seem to change their pay plans every time they have a good month.

Addressing F&I’s Internet Problem

April 4, 2018
A frustrated F&I manager poses an increasingly common question: How do you sell protection products to customers who demand the final price by phone and...

(Video) Selling Eight Products Without Losing the Customer

March 12, 2018
Is offering eight products a bad idea? The magazine’s resident F&I pro says it depends on the producer and the presentation.

He Had a Goal: Remembering David Ressler
He Had  a Goal: Remembering David Ressler

March 8, 2018
Sometimes it’s not the teacher who leaves a lasting impression, it’s the student. The magazine’s resident F&I pro says goodbye to one trainee he will never...

[Video] Selling to Short-Term Owners

February 9, 2018
The magazine’s F&I pro responds to a question about how to build value in F&I protections if the customer says he plans on paying off his loan long before...

(Video) Selling High-Mileage VSC Plans

January 8, 2018
How do you sell a $3,000 VSC on an $8,000 car? Top trainer offers a four-step process to ensure every customer gets the protection they need.

Selling Warranty Compliance Plans

December 4, 2017
Do-it-yourself customers will tell you they prefer to save a few bucks by performing their own maintenance. F&I trainer has the perfect response for this...

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