Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc. (CPS) has announced a strategic alliance with One2One Group, Inc. CPS, which specializes in nonprime automotive financing, will utilize One2One’s credit data management services, delivery systems and marketing solutions for national pre-approved direct mail campaigns.

CPS has worked closely with One2One to create a pre-approved credit model that meets CPS’ underwriting guidelines. One2One Group will assist CPS in targeting preapproved, creditworthy prospects in direct mail campaigns, employing detailed credit data and response models. One2One, an El Segundo, Calif.-based company specializing in credit data analysis, modeling and marketing, will utilize its distribution channels and credit data warehouse capabilities to quickly deliver direct marketing campaigns to franchised auto dealers nationwide.

The direct mail campaigns are designed to drive the maximum amount of “ready to buy” prospects to dealership lots -- taking the guess work out of qualifying nonprime and subprime auto buyers, according to company officials. The individual customized databases are designed to match CPS’ credit approval criteria.

CPS and One2One Group, Inc. will aid dealers in their financing and prospecting programs, soliciting only creditworthy, preapproved prospects. The partnership will benefit dealers, CPS and One2One, according to David Bailey, president of One2One Group, who said dealers will enjoy increased sales and contract approval rates, CPS will lower contract acquisition costs and improve efficiency while One2One expands their credit data management services.

"CPS is an industry leader in the auto financing sector, and we are excited at the prospect to partner with a well-established, innovative organization like CPS," Bailey said. "The partnership will be great for CPS, One2One and franchised auto dealers utilizing these customized direct marketing campaigns."

About Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc.

Consumer Portfolio Services Inc. purchases, sells and services retail installment sales contracts originated by franchised dealers for new and late model used cars. The company purchases automobile retail installment contracts through approximately 2,500 automobile dealerships across the U.S.

About One2One Group, Inc.

One2One provides actionable consumer and business intelligence through credit-based data decisioning. One2One’s solutions are designed to enhance clients’ direct marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), household and individual-level advertising assessment, product distribution and other database initiatives.

One2One’s marketing solutions predict individual consumer behavior. "Specifically, our solutions help our client network find and retain customers, grow sales and profits while reducing their operating costs and risks," company president David Bailey said.

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