Geneva - If black was the new silver a couple of years ago, then white is most definitely the new black, says JATO Dynamics, the world’s leading provider of automotive data intelligence.

The fickle world of fashion is as much in evidence on our roads as it is in our shopping malls. The color white, so in favor with manufacturers and car-buyers back in the 1980s, is now firmly back in vogue after years in the wilderness.

“It’s a minor observation but a noticeable change in fashion, nevertheless,” says Laura Kirk, Head of Marketing for JATO. “Residual value experts have for some time commented on the poor performance of white cars in certain markets but it would seem that white has once again broadly found favor with car buyers.”

This year’s Geneva show features more white cars on the stands than any other in recent memory, from budget city cars to supercars. Like any area of fashion the change is in part driven by the designers and manufacturers themselves says JATO.

“As soon as manufacturers start to produce concept cars and press vehicles in a given colour, the industry will generally witness a corresponding shift in consumer demand,” says Kirk.

JATO also points out that since manufacturers have introduced white metallic-pearlescent finishes into their ranges, the colour has now become a significantly more attractive choice on options lists for many buyers.