CHICAGO — Resource Automotive, a unit of The Warranty Group, announced a new round of enhancements to its financial services manager training curriculum.

Designed for immediate impact and measurable results in the finance office, the program combines Web-based training; classroom instruction; and a robust emphasis on video role-playing to assure confidence, compliance and continuity. Utilizing the Web enables pre-class preparation to assure F&I fundamentals are in place prior to the classroom session allowing more one-on-one real-time training to take place.

With the ability to address all levels of financial services manager experience, up to and including the financial services director position, a strong focus on objection handling is the keystone to the program. AFIP training and testing remains an available track.

Financial Services Manager Certification modules include:

•Product Sales and Regulatory Requirements — consisting of 20 online self-paced learning modules.

•Finance and Insurance Program — consisting of 8.5 days of classroom instruction conducted at the Resource Training facility in Chicago, with a focus on menu presentation, upgrade techniques, resistance and objection handling, lender relations and sales meetings. AFIP is optional and consists of another day of review/exam.

•Advanced F&I Program — consisting of 3.5 days of classroom in Chicago, with focus on objection handling and outside finance conversions with a brief review of menu presentation. AFIP is optional and consists of another day of review/exam.

•FSM Director’s Program — consisting of 3.5 days of classroom instruction to be conducted in Chicago

F&I Director curriculum includes:

•Best practice overview and discussion

•Coaching and counseling case study exercise

•Effective presentation modeling

With a strategy of maintaining an effective, consistent and compliant financial services department, these training enhancements are designed for measurable improvement and supported by Resource Automotive’s nationwide field force.