Hanover, Md. A meeting to form a new trade association for the starter interrupt/GPS industry will be held at noon, June 4, 2008 at the Renaissance Worthington Hotel in Fort Worth. The meeting is held in conjunction with the NAF Association's 12th Annual Non-Prime Auto Financing Conference.

Auto association management executive Jack Tracey said "The

emergence and importance of this high tech industry to the auto

financing industry has created the need for an industry trade group." The new association is named the Payment Assurance Technology Association (PATA), and membership is open to manufacturers, sellers and users of the devices.

At the first meeting, a board of directors and officers will be

elected and initial plans will be made. Activities the group might consider include the establishment of industry standards, initiating independent industry studies of the effectiveness of the devices on portfolio performance and drafting model legislation. For those unable to attend the meeting in person, there will be a teleconference option.

"The most important thing" says Tracey, "is to get the industry

players together, establish by-laws and a dues structure to begin the planning process."

Those interested in becoming part of the new trade group can contact Tracey at 410-865-5431 or [email protected]