CINCINNATI — OneCommand, a provider of automated multi-channel marketing for the automotive industry, has added the Call Capture & Return solution, which allows dealers to capture phone leads, measure and increase return on investment from advertising efforts, drive traffic and increase sales.

The marketing solution ensures automatic follow-up for every phone inquiry, so every customer receives prompt and professional communication. With this tool, customer needs can be quickly addressed and situations resolved before they become an issue.

OneCommand’s Call Capture and Return is the fist call capture solution on the market to provide automatic follow up for all inbound callers. The follow up message, likely from the dealer or general manager, can ask if the customer was satisfied with the service they received and offer the general manager’s direct line to call back if there were any issues. It helps any caller, whether a customer or prospect, feel valued and recognized.

Automatic call return allows the dealership to capture opportunities that may have otherwise been lost due to improper handling, and it ensures that all customer needs are met to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

"Analyzing the return on investment for ad dollars can be a challenge and capitalizing on every phone-up can be even more difficult. Yet, gaining this insight, and being attentive to every caller, can produce incredible improvement in marketing effectiveness and a significant increase in customer satisfaction," said Al Babbington, OneCommand CEO. "Being proactive regarding the customer's experience will not only provide the opportunity to ensure that all needs and expectations were exceeded, but also the chance to address any shortcomings immediately."

One of the biggest challenges for dealers managing their marketing campaigns is tracking leads from ads running in multiple media sources. OneCommand’s Call Capture & Return Solution includes nationwide toll-free numbers that enable specific response tracking for each individual advertising campaign.

It also allows dealerships to gather key customer and prospect information, including name, address, phone number and other demographics. In addition, access to digital call recordings assists in recapturing lost leads and offers a tool to aid in future training.

Another feature is OneCommand’s premier analytics and reporting. A mapping capability allows dealers to call up Google Earth and view the locations for inbound and outbound calls for each campaign, by week and by month.