WARREN, Mich. — Last month, Jim Fouts, the mayor of Metro Detroit's largest suburb, told his 40-plus appointees that he expects their next new-car purchase to be American-made. Those who don't comply may lose their jobs, according to the Detroit News.

Fouts says he cleared the executive order with the city attorney. The affected staffers are employed on an "at-will" basis, meaning that either party can terminate their contract for any reason.

"I felt that it was time to take some sort of definable stand," Fouts said. "I informed staff that my expectation would be when they choose to buy a new car, they would buy an American car. It sets an example for the rest of the cities to follow."

Warren is the site of several General Motors and Chrysler manufacturing and assembly plants, as well as GM's Tech Center. That makes them Warren's two biggest taxpayers and, according to Fouts, deserving of the city's support.

"The only way we'll get out of this recession or depression, whatever you want to call it, is if Americans start buying American-made cars," Fouts said. "I'd like to get this rolling throughout the state of Michigan."

The full text of the Detroit News article can be read here.