SALT LAKE CITY — Online dealer networking community provider DrivingSales has announced the addition of four new categories to its Vendor Ratings section. Dealers can now rate and review products and services from DMS, CRM, voice marketing and Internet training providers. Originally opened for dealer reviews in August of this year, Vendor Ratings continues to expand as the DrivingSales community grows, more dealers rate and review products, and vendors request new categories to be added as they list their products in the wiki-enabled dealer product catalog.

"The Vendor Ratings are beneficial to the industry on many levels and we will continue to add new categories to better serve our members," said Jared Hamilton, DrivingSales' founder/CEO. "Dealers now have access to fellow dealers' firsthand experiences with vendors, before they sign a contract and/or send a check. And vendors get exposure and interaction with dealers in this neutral setting. Basically, it provides publicity for service providers. Vendors also benefit from the feedback dealers offer with their reviews."

Dealers who consult the Vendor Ratings are able to tap into the direct experiences other dealers have had with service providers to help determine which will best suit their needs; an essential tool in a challenging market, according to the company. In turn, vendors enjoy direct exposure to DrivingSales' growing dealer membership base and can connect and interact with their current clients and new dealer prospects through multiple media on the DrivingSales platform.

DrivingSales stated that new Vendor Ratings categories will continue to be added as the site grows and more members of the automotive community join and participate. The company also plans to present ongoing awards for the vendors who receive the highest ratings in their respective categories.