PHOENIX – Team One Research and Training, an F&I training, development, and research company, will deliver its F&I training and processes through selected general agencies in the U.S. and Canada.

This policy will enable smaller, regional sellers of F&I products to automobile dealers to deliver best training and processes to their dealers at an affordable cost. The program is designed to give regional general agents the ability to compete with the larger national companies that have their own training departments.

This new policy comes as a result of successful program testing with selected general agencies in carefully monitored geographical areas. The ultimate goal of the program is to provide ongoing support and training, with the unique, hands-on, follow up the regional agent provides.

"We have experienced heightened demand for our F&I training and process, but to have long term success you need constant contact and monitoring," said Team One spokesman George Angus. "The local general agents have an investment in the dealer's success and do the best job of that. We will concentrate on delivering the best training and processes and the local agents provide the personal contact and ongoing support that creates top F&I performance."