WESTERVILLE, Ohio — NAC, a provider of F&I products and software, has introduced a new program, called the NAC Solution, designed to address compliance, training, customer retention, and the F&I products and services the company offers.

The NAC Solution provides all the vital initiatives — service, tools, training and software — to help dealers run their businesses efficiently and cost-effectively. The program includes interactive video-based compliance and ethics training, legal compliance for the Red Flags Rule and OFAC, AFIP certification, annual on-site compliance audit, 24/7 interactive online F&I training and other tools.

“In going at the situation head-on and facing the challenges our dealer clients have presented to us, we were able to create a one-of-a-kind program initiative that assists in meeting our dealer’s needs, resolving the challenges they face and providing the potential for an incredible, tangible profit,” said NAC C.E.O, Bill Speaks.

“NAC is the solution for the dealership. By using our program the cost to run a dealership goes down. NAC is the only one of its kind in the industry that combines the services of multiple companies into one streamlined program. We’re a one-stop shop geared towards making our clients successful and making them more money.”

“Any company can offer you service agreements,” said NAC director of marketing, Joe Pesce, “NAC takes pride in offering you a one-of-a-kind complete solution for any of the challenges a dealership may face on any given day. It’s the NAC Solution that solves the problem.”