DALLAS — The StoneEagle Group today announced that CIMA Systems (CIMA), a customer interactive management application that serves as an automated business development center for dealerships, selected SEcureData from StoneEagle to provide accurate, comprehensive and timely data from their clients dealership management systems (DMS).

Automotive dealers utilize the DMS according to their individual business practices; consequently the data format is inconsistent across the market. StoneEagle’s SEcureData solution aggregates inaccessible and inconsistent data from numerous DMS types. StoneEagle cleanses, standardizes and custom maps each dealer for data integrity and delivers the “transactable” data to applications such as CIMA. SEcureData provides CIMA with the data necessary to deliver effective marketing/advertising campaigns on behalf of their client dealers.

CIMA’s patent pending solution offers dealers the ability to communicate unlimited “two-way” communications with their customers based on any data which resides in the dealerships DMS for one low flat monthly fee. Each customer is communicated with the way they prefer (i.e. email, phone, text, etc.). Also included is the ability to have each customer schedule their service appointment via a toll-free phone number or online. Before their appointment, CIMA will automatically contact each customer with an appointment reminder.

“StoneEagle’s ability to accurately and quickly retrieve DMS data is invaluable to CIMA,” said Gary Nixon, president and CEO of CIMA. “As our mission is to provide dealers with the very best in technology to help enhance customer communication and we are excited to have StoneEagle as a technology partner.”

“The SEcureData solution is hosted and managed by StoneEagle to provide our clients with the highest levels of security, reliability and scalability. The data processing and quality assurance measures we have implemented, coupled with our ability to tailor a solution around a client’s specific business rules, provides a winning scenario for companies offering software applications to the automotive industry,” said Jason Gillette, director of sales and marketing for The StoneEagle Group. “CIMA is truly on a fast track and StoneEagle is excited to work with CIMA to provide a seamless and secure data solution to their client dealers.”