DALLAS — The StoneEagle Group today announced that Service Payment Plan Inc. (SPP) is integrated with its SEcureSalesTool, which will automate the contract generation and submission process for SPP.

This integration will enable the service and F&I departments to streamline the process of selling service contracts to their customers. The SEcureSalesTool accurately calculates the monthly payment, based on the down payment, generates the SPP contract electronically, stores the payment information, and automatically delivers the data to SPP’s administration system, as well as the corresponding vehicle service contract administrator.

“The SEcureSalesTool is an essential point of sale solution designed for dealers to maximize revenue on the service drive or within the F&I office,” said Jason Gillette, director of sales and marketing for StoneEagle. “StoneEagle is pleased to partner with SPP to further enhance the functionality and usability of the SEcureSalesTool.”

SPP is the largest service contract payment plan company in the industry, and offers programs to independent service contract providers and manufacturers, throughout the United States and Canada. The payment plans can range from 12 to 18 months in length, depending on the term of the service contract. Electronic debit to checking account, savings account, or using a credit or debit card keeps the payment plan paperless and hassle-free. All customers that purchase a vehicle with cash, outside financing or limited financing, can benefit from SPP’s zero-percent interest monthly payment option.

“I am excited about our relationship with StoneEagle and our integration to their SEcureSalesTool because it makes it much easier and more efficient for dealers to do business with SPP and benefit from our interest-free payment plans for service contracts,” said Robert Hymen, president of SPP.