TUSTIN, Calif. — Auto Advisory Services (AAS) launches today a new Multistate Audit Program by conducting its first compliance audits of automobile dealerships in New York and New Jersey.

Dealers in these states now join those in California who can benefit from AAS’ decades of experience in assisting the automotive industry.

Historically, only California dealers have been able to take advantage of AAS’ comprehensive compliance audits. At the request of dealer ownership, trained AAS consultants conduct a complete review of dealership compliance performance in a broad array of regulated areas. If concerns are discovered, AAS can explain the nature of the problem and suggest improved controls and procedures to prevent a reoccurrence.

AAS offers an approach to compliance auditing, which is similar to the concept of an F&I menu. Dealers will be able to select any of four Multistate Audit Modules to create a customized one-day compliance audit, or opt for the more comprehensive two-day audit, which includes all eight possible modules. The full module menu includes:

• Advertising Review

• Contract Completion

• Forms Usage and Miscellaneous Disclosures

• Sales/Finance Practices

• Federal Vehicle Labeling

• Fair Credit Reporting Act (Credit Reports, Credit Applications, and Identity Theft Prevention)

• Equal Credit Opportunity Act (Credit Discrimination); and

• Gramm-Leach-Biley Act (Privacy Information Security).