HOUSTON — GSFSGroup is offering SecureNet Maintenance Care, a customized, Web-based and dealer-labeled maintenance program that provides auto dealers with a way to retain claim reserves and focus customer service. 

This program allows the selling dealer to retain their customers by creating special incentives that will drive traffic back to the service drive, and ultimately, the showroom floor.

Customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of using a dealer specific loyalty card. They will also be rewarded with discounts toward future services or a purchase of a new vehicle. With this added feature, dealers will be able to enhance and maintain loyalty with their returning customers.

SecureNet Maintenance Care will allow each dealer to set his or her own reimbursement levels depending on his or her specific needs. This is a popular and key feature to the maintenance program.

For more information about SecureNet Maintenance Care and GSFSGroup, visit www.gsfsgroup.com