ORLANDO, Fla. — ActivEngage, a provider of live chat for dealer websites, released ActivConnect, a new dealership Website tool that keeps consumers on a dealership’s Website while allowing them to interact with the dealer via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, DealerRater and live chat.

While connecting shoppers with dealers through social media links is an important step forward, having consumers leave the dealership Website decreases the chance that they will return to that Website. Now with ActivConnect, dealers can leverage the power of social media and other interactive communication channels, while keeping consumers on the dealership Website.

The new tool bar sits at the bottom of the dealership's Website and contains links for chat and all major social media sites. When consumers click on the links, the information appears directly on the dealership Website, rather than taking shoppers away from the dealer's site. Further, the tool bar remains in place on all Website pages.

"We are excited about the new ActivConnect tool bar's ability to help us engage our live traffic," said Alex Snyder, Checkered Flag Motor Car Corp.'s director of eCommerce. "Not only will it help us increase a consumer's time spent on our Website, which in turn establishes trust for better lead conversion, but it also creates a 'be back factor.' As ActivConnect does not move the customer away to a social media site, it makes it easier for them to join one of our social media efforts, and that helps us get an online 'be back.'

“Through chat solicitations, in the tool bar itself, we'll also be able to get very targeted ad messages to our current browsers and that is where the rubber really meets the road. ActivConnect is pure conversion,"Snyder added.

Existing ActivEngage customers will receive the new tool bar free of charge.

"ActivConnect makes it easier for consumers to connect with the dealership via all major social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more, all without leaving the dealer's website," said Todd Smith, ActivEngage president. "We knew there had to be a better way to connect consumers with dealerships' social media, without pushing them away from the dealership Website. ActivConnect also creates a 'wow factor' that makes the dealership look more professional and can really set you apart from the competition."

For a live demo of ActivConnect, visit http://www.activengage.com/demo1/.