NEW YORK — TagMan, a tag and pixel management solution for online campaign tracking, said that Subaru of America Inc. is using its system to manage and track online marketing and advertising campaigns running across its main Website and dealer network of 550 websites across the United States.

TagMan acts as a single, universal tag and interface through which tracking tags and pixels can be deployed to an advertiser’s Website, online marketers can save time and money in the way they track campaigns and see how all online channels are working together. A single TagMan container tag replaces all the tracking pixels on an advertiser Web page used to track, for example, natural search, paid search, affiliates, display, e-mail or site analytics. These tags are housed inside the TagMan container and can be managed directly through a browser-based interface.

Subaru is using TagMan as its global ‘container tag’, enabling its media agency, Carmichael Lynch, to track activity from display campaigns and paid and natural search and to see the entire path to conversion (including keywords used) that any user follows when taking action on its main brand Website.

TagMan will also allow Subaru to control campaign tags across their dealer network Websites according to various regional groupings of campaigns at any given time. Subaru will now be able to add, edit and remove tracking tags more efficiently and manage its future spend much more effectively.

“Subaru has a superb global reputation in the automotive industry. We are proud to have them part of the TagMan family," says Jon Baron, general manager for TagMan. "With all tags from all channels sitting in the same system, Subaru and Carmichael Lynch can track the full customer journey and see which channels delivered a particular user. This allows marketing attribution of credit/commission across all online channels.”

“As the company continues to deliver a high number of marketing campaigns, the flexibility and control that TagMan provides will enable Subaru to keep IT costs to a minimum and improve ROI."