FORT WAYNE, Ind. — VisionMenu Inc. released a free online F&I sales and compliance course for powersports F&I managers. The three-hour training course, which covers the F&I sales process, F&I products, menu-selling and compliance, is a standard feature of VisionMenu and VisionMenu Plus.

The training program begins with a discussion on the F&I sales process and how to effectively approach a customer, present the products, overcome objections and get the customer to make a decision to buy.

The program also covers F&I products sales and provides the F&I manager with knowledge of the products, benefits they provide and how to sell them effectively. The course outlines the objections for each product and how to properly overcome them to take the customer smoothly through the close.

In addition, the program will teach the F&I manager a profitable menu-selling approach, called the hybrid menu method, and how to use an electronic menu to close.

The training program concludes with an overview of the most important laws and regulations an F&I manager at a powersports dealership needs to be follow in order to be compliant.