LOS ANGELES – Westlake Financial Services has begun the nationwide roll out of its Titanium Program, which is aimed at prime credit customers.

The program offer APR as low as 5.99 percent, terms up to 72 months and credit reports with multiple vehicles are accepted. All Westlake dealers will have access to this program starting Sept. 15.

“We are very excited to provide our dealers with this new product,” says Mark Vazquez, vice president of sales. “Westlake Financial Services is now a true ‘full-spectrum’ lender. After listening to our dealers, we learned that many of our Franchise partners were looking for a prime-credit alternative for their customers. Meanwhile, our smaller Independent partners now have access to a prime program not offered by many other finance companies.”

Vazquez noted that the Titanium Program has been in beta-testing the past three months in select markets. Program guidelines include a minimum 660 FICO with no bankruptcies and at least three years on the credit bureau.

The Titanium Program marks the high-end of Westlake’s product portfolio.  The Platinum Program slots directly below for near-prime customers, followed by the Preferred Program for blemished but established credit customers. The Standard Program is currently Westlake’s most popular program, followed by ProfitBuilder and the Partner Program (for Buy Here/Pay Here-type deals that includes payment sharing). All programs are integrated into Westlake’s Buy Program software which can automatically place a customer into the best program based on their credit report, vehicle selection, and loan structure.

“Our goal is to provide our dealers with the tools to finance every customer that walks onto their lot,” said President Ian Anderson. “With the release of our Titanium Program, Westlake Financial Services can be a dealer’s one stop shop for all of their auto financing needs.”