Special Finance Coach Rob Hagen will offer a free “Pre-Tax Time” Webinar series starting Thursday to help special finance and buy-here, pay-here operations prepare for tax season.

The Webinars are scheduled for every week at noon EST for the next two months.

Designed to cover every aspect of a special finance operation, Hagen has prepared weekly agendas covering topics, such as lender relations, funding, lead handling and much more.

“In my 15 years of running special finance departments in dealerships, tax time was always an incredible time of year,” said Hagen. “I often referred to as Christmas in special finance. Even in this down economy, it is still a tremendous opportunity for dealers to start the year off strong.”

Hagen admits that there are challenges facing dealers and their special finance departments. “The rules of the game have certainly changed but what that means are the dealers who evolve with the changes will greatly outperform the ones that want to talk about how things used to be,” he said.

For more information about these Webinars or to provide topic suggestions, contact Rob Hagen at [email protected].