Allstate Dealers Services has introduced the free CarMor Vehicle Care Center app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. 

The app is available exclusively to CarMor Vehicle Service Agreement holders. To activate, VSA customers enter their agreement number, ZIP code and current vehicle mileage to start receiving information such as maintenance reminders.

This free app can be accessed at and from the recently launched Website.

The site is designed to educate customers about available Allstate Dealer Services products and programs. Visitors also will find helpful tips on car maintenance and the option to submit GAP program claims online.

Features of the CarMor Vehicle Care Center app include:

■ Vehicle Maintenance Reminder and Tracking: Reminders of scheduled maintenance items (oil change, air filter replacement, etc.); tracking of required service and regular maintenance

■ Vehicle Recalls: Notifications of published safety-related defects or problems

■ CarMor VSA Details: Terms review of CarMor vehicle service agreement

■ Vehicle Service: Convenience of contacting dealers directly for service

“These new developments are examples of how Allstate Dealer Services is meeting customer needs in an environment where technology is rapidly changing,” said Tony Smid, Allstate Dealer Services vice president of technology. “By supplying customers with a reference tool such as and a convenient app, such as CarMor Vehicle Care Center app, we hope to add value to their overall Allstate experience.”