AUSTIN, Texas — IAS, a provider of F&I aftermarket programs, has partnered with Crystal Fusion Technologies Inc., a provider of windshield protection products.

Under the new partnership, IAS will offer Crystal Fusion exclusively as part of its “Windshield Repair or Replacement” warranty program offerings. IAS currently offers a five-year limited repair or replacement warranty and a general maintenance program. Product availability differs by state.

"Over the course of 2010, we have seen a robust increase in sales for our windshield repair and replacement warranty programs throughout the United States," said Bob Corbin, president and CEO of IAS. "Adding Crystal Fusion to our product offerings made sense for IAS because it's a quality product that will protect our customers as well as have a residual effect on a decrease in claims. Additionally, this opens up a new product for IAS' dynamic reinsurance program."

Crystal Fusion is an aftermarket product that helps keep vehicle windshields cleaner and stronger, while significantly improving hazards associated with night glare and windshield chips. Crystal Fusion's three-step process is simple to install and can take less than 10 minutes from start to the delivery of a vehicle. The product is available on both new and used vehicles.

"Crystal Fusion is a perfect addition to the IAS portfolio. It adds substantial value to the vehicle sale while providing the car buyer with a tangible benefit," said Ray Doran, founder and CEO of Crystal Fusion Technologies Inc. "IAS had all the components in place to expand distribution of Crystal Fusion and we took particular note of their superior reputation for administration and claims."