WESTWOOD, Mass. LoJack Corporation names its top 10 auto theft recovery stories of 2010. From tracking down an alleged murderer in a stolen vehicle equipped with LoJack, to busting chop shops, to recovering police bait cars, to recovering a vehicle for the ninth time, these stories demonstrate how LoJack continues to be the most effective system today for stolen vehicle recovery.

Here are LoJack’s Best Recovery Stories from 2010:
10. Major Chop Shop Busted Thanks to LoJack – Dallas police tracked a 2003 Cadillac Escalade equipped with LoJack and discovered a total of 13 stolen GM vehicles, valued at $234,500.  

9. LoJack Tackles Recovery for NFL Player – A LoJack-equipped Land Rover owned by Tennessee Titans defensive tackle Jovan Haye was stolen from a dealership’s service center and recovered at the Nashville International Airport. A thankful Haye applauded LoJack for an expeditious recovery.

8. LoJack System Foils Lamborghini Thief – LoJack helped Miami-Dade police recover two Lamborghini Gallardos – worth a combined value of $370,000 – which were rented with fraudulent credit cards from an exotic car rental company. Both vehicles were recovered in a little over an hour.

7. VIN Switching Doesn’t Fool LoJack – A stolen LoJack-equipped Dodge Caravan led Rhode Island police to discover a VIN switching theft ring involving more than 10 stolen vehicles.

6. LoJack Makes a Great Haul, Catches Thieving Tow Truck Driver – Philadelphia police tracked down a stolen BMW equipped with LoJack, taken at the hands of a tow truck driver who later admitted to towing and stealing a full 27 vehicles – all of which had been taken to a junk yard to be crushed for profit. 

5. LoJack to the Rescue; Saves Police Bait Car – LoJack helped Sacramento police recover its stolen Acura Integra bait car, which is used to catch car thieves in the act. The vehicle’s GPS system was disengaged by thieves, but the LoJack system saved a potential loss.

4. Professional Cadillac Thief Thwarted by LoJack A stolen Cadillac equipped with LoJack led detectives to a chop shop. The suspect later admitted to stealing and stripping 400 Cadillacs over a three-year period.

3. LoJack Gives Vehicle Nine Lives – A 2001 Corvette was stolen and recovered by LoJack for the ninth time. In this instance, the vehicle was tracked down in less than an hour.

2. LoJack Makes a “Key” Recovery – A brazen thief broke into a dealership in Washington and stole a 2003 Hummer along with the keys to 60 other vehicles on the lot. Fortunately, the Hummer was equipped with LoJack and was tracked down by police in less than two hours. All the keys were found in the recovered vehicle.

1. LoJack Leads Police to Murder Victim’s Killer – A LoJack-equipped stolen pickup led police to discover the identity and arrest an alleged murderer, who killed the vehicle’s owner and drove away with the victim’s vehicle. Gaston, N.C. police picked up the vehicle’s signal only 16 minutes after activation about 100 miles away from the crime scene. They later arrested the suspect for first-degree murder and other crimes.