SOUTHFIELD, Mich. and WESTMINSTER, Colo. Polk and DataLogix have extended their exclusive relationship to provide segmentation-based online reach and measurement data via the DLX Audience Platform. This agreement provides automotive marketers with additional opportunities when they plan online advertising campaigns.

“Polk and DataLogix broke new ground last year by giving automotive brand marketers the ability to precisely define and reach online audiences based on Polk’s industry-standard segmentation, which is derived from likely vehicle ownership and other proprietary data sources,” said Tim Rogers, president of Polk. “I am excited to expand our partnership with DataLogix, a company whose expertise in delivering purchase-based online audiences is unparalleled. Our joint research and development recently led to the introduction of a new suite of custom models and closed-loop campaigns, allowing us to measure beyond the click, to assess actual lift in vehicle purchases.”

“Polk automotive data is an essential ingredient in the media and research decisioning of every single auto manufacturer, and we are thrilled to continue as Polk’s exclusive online partner through 2013,” said Eric Roza, president of DataLogix. “For automotive marketers who are content with driving and measuring clicks, there are many great solutions available. However, DLX and Polk are happy to offer a better way: true, purchased-based audience reach. Simply put, there is no longer any need to run online automotive campaigns without measuring the impact on actual vehicle sales.”

“The demand for DataLogix’ purchase-based data on the BlueKai Exchange continues to grow at a record-breaking pace,” said Grant Ries, chief revenue officer at BlueKai. “The Polk data sets offered by this partnership are big drivers in automotive campaign performance for our clients and serve as a natural complement to BlueKai’s auto intent data.”

Automotive marketers can leverage the Polk-DataLogix online solutions to reach relevant audiences for awareness and consideration, as well as in-market buyers based on data such as the brand, type and age of the vehicles most likely in a user’s garage. The expanded partnership now also supports enhanced solutions including custom segments that allow marketers to build a tailored audience using proprietary predictive models and offline segmentation, OnRamp which transforms a marketer’s offline CRM data into a digitally addressable audience, and ClosedLoop Measurement which identifies the offline sales impact of online campaigns.

Polk automotive data is available online exclusively via DataLogix through all leading ad networks, portals, publishers, and agency platforms.