DES MOINES, Iowa — Dealer Impact Systems has launched Onsite Track, a real-time monitoring console that works on any Website from any provider and makes it possible for dealerships to track the potential buyers viewing their websites.

Dealers are no longer confined to historical statistics to make Internet marketing decisions. The real-time nature of Onsite Track gives auto dealers a much clearer view of what’s working on their Websites.

"This new monitoring tool allows dealerships to shadow visitors," explained Brian Cox, president and CEO for Dealer Impact Systems. "Dealers can gather real-time information, make quick changes to their site promotions, and instantly test customer reaction. What’s more, if they have a chat package, they can engage site visitors in an online conversation. They can also instantly monitor response to their e-marketing or other Internet campaigns. Just send the e-mail promotion and watch the site for response."

When visitors arrive to a dealership’s Website, Onsite Track sounds an alert or popup screen. Dealers instantly see if visitors are new or returning, how they got to the site and which pages they're viewing. Dealers can track how long visitors stay and where they go next. The console also sends an instant alert via e-mail if a page error is detected, or if the site stops responding.

With Onsite Track’s Web access feature, dealers can also view live Web statistics via a browser — meaning they can check site traffic from any computer. Onsite Track also provides 75 standard historical reports to analyze web traffic and users can create their own reports using standard SQL queries.

Dealer Impact Systems’ Onsite Track Real-time Monitoring Console is a monthly service. For more information, call (877) 334-9638 or visit