LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. ─ DealerTrack Inc. today announced that it will be launching DealerTrack’s Online Registration System in Illinois. The OLRS is customized software designed to improve the convenience and efficiency of motor vehicle registration and titling processes statewide. Illinois is the 13th state to deploy DealerTrack's OLRS for electronic registration and titling.

With DealerTrack's OLRS, Illinois dealers, lease and rental companies, financial institutions and retail merchants can deliver quick and accurate electronic registration and titling services directly to Illinois residents. Information entered into the OLRS is sent in real-time to the Illinois Secretary of the State's database, giving dealers, customers, law enforcement and motor vehicle personnel direct and immediate access to the most current vehicle records.

“We worked closely with the Secretary of State’s Office in Illinois to develop our most robust OLRS deployment to date,” said Mark Furcolo, senior vice president at DealerTrack. “By focusing on the user experience, we were able to tailor the system to meet the specific needs of Illinois’ customers, while simultaneously ensuring all state requirements are met. The result is a user-friendly, intuitive application that facilitates real-time processing and presents a viable alternative to existing electronic registration and titling options.”

DealerTrack's OLRS is one of the newest offerings in DealerTrack’s comprehensive family of solutions for the automotive industry. The OLRS is operated by General Systems Solutions Inc., a subsidiary of DealerTrack Processing Solutions Inc., and was originally part of the portfolio of triVIN Holdings Inc., which was acquired by DealerTrack Holdings Inc., earlier this year. In addition to the OLRS, DealerTrack’s RegUSA service specializes in processing vehicle registrations and titles for all 50 states.

According to Denise Perfito, lease operations manager at Merchants Automotive Group Inc., “Our dealership group now has a significant presence in Illinois and by adding the OLRS to our in-house service offerings, it is a great win for us, and, ultimately, for the customer.”

“Now, with the online capabilities that Illinois is offering with the OLRS, we can offer faster, more efficient vehicle processing and the ability for instant renewal, which we didn’t have before,” said Kristin Buller, operations team leader at GE Capital Corporation.