SARASOTA, Fla.—Former Ford Motor Company executive Gerhard Geyer authored and released his book "Ford Motor Company: The Greatest Corporate Turnaround in U.S. History," a 34-chapter tome that discusses how Ford avoided the GM and Chrysler route of bankruptcy.

Geyer credits current Ford Motor Company president and CEO Alan Mullaly’s efforts and a complete restructuring of the company's business model as the driving forces behind the automaker's current success.

"Mulally should be celebrated as game-changer in the automotive industry," Geyer said. "He completely turned this company around without begging Uncle Sam for bailout money."

The book goes on to detail Mullaly’s appointment as CEO following William Clay Ford Jr., and his task of changing the existing business model to systematically implement new building blocks to transform Ford's culture, products, technology, manufacturing facilities and union relations.

In addition to highlighting Mulally’s achievements, Geyer’s book also includes several management lessons that can be applied to other industries beyond automotive.

"Ford Motor Company: The Greatest Turnaround in U.S. History" is immediately available for purchase online at, and other channels.