WOLFSBURG, Germany — The Volkswagen Group (VG) reported a further increase in global deliveries from January to May this year at 14.6 percent. For the first time, deliveries to customers during this period topped the three million mark, running at 3.37 million units. The automaker also had a 6.8 percent increase in performance over the world market.

In May, Volkswagen Group delivered 708,900 vehicles to customers, a 7.4 percent increase over last year. “We are very pleased with developments during the first five months of this year. The Volkswagen Group with its very convincing model range is benefiting from brisk demand in global automobile markets,” said Christian Klingler, VG board member for sales.

Overall, VG brands delivered 1.56 million vehicles throughout Europe in the first five months. In Germany, its home market, the Volkswagen Group achieved 8.7 percent growth, delivering 475,100 vehicles.

In May, deliveries in the North America region grew 19.7 percent to 261,600 units, of which 172,400 vehicles were delivered in the U.S. market. In South America, VG delivered more than 376,800 during the same period.

VG also reported a significant rise in deliveries in the Asia/Pacific region, with 1.04 million vehicles handed over to customers, of which 921,100 units were delivered in China, the region’s largest single market. The company also recorded a further increase in the India market where 46,200 vehicles were delivered.

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered more than two million vehicles for the first time in the period from January to May with a total of 2.09 million vehicles delivered worldwide.

Audi delivered 535,400 vehicles worldwide during the same time period while Škoda brand delivered 373,400 vehicles.

In addition, SEAT delivered 152,500 vehicles worldwide while Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 213,000 during the year’s first five months.