IRVINE, Calif.—Kelley Blue Book's announced its participation in the National Independent Automotive Dealers Association (NIADA) National Member Benefit Program, which provides members with a curated roster of reliable companies offering products and services. 

"Kelley Blue Book's superior reputation within the automotive industry made it an obvious addition to the program," said Scott Lilja, NIADA vice president of member services.

As a provider of new- and used-vehicle information, Kelley Blue Book solutions include consumer Website, Website advertising opportunities, LeadDriver, KARPOWER Online, inventory listings, window stickers and it’s recently introduced Quick Values. 

"With our newly formed relationship with NIADA, we can keep the organization's members apprised of the various solutions provided by Kelley Blue Book to help increase efficiency and profits," said Paul Johnson, president and CEO for Kelley Blue Book.

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