CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — A new CarGurus study found that consumers in the Midwest showed the strongest interest in buying American brand cars as compared to Asian and European brands.

For the study, the auto research and shopping site examined the car shopping behaviors of consumers in 50 major U.S. metro areas over the last six months. Metro areas were ranked according to the percentage of total dealer inquiries submitted by consumers that were for American brand cars.

American brand cars accounted for 67 percent of shoppers’ interest in the Detroit metro area, while 16 percent were Asian brands and 16 percent were European brands. American brand interest in St. Louis was similar at 67 percent. On the West Coast, interest in American makes was 27 percent in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego, and reached 29 percent in San Jose.

The 10 metro areas with the lowest interest in American brands included New York at 32 percent and Boston at 33 percent. The Washington, D.C., metro area’s interest in American brands was slightly higher at 35 percent, with interest in Asian brands reaching 42 percent and interest in European brands at 23 percent.

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