ATLANTA — Manheim Financial Services is expanding its specialty division and is seeking specialty dealers in need of financing. The MAFS Specialty division finances heavy truck, motorcycle and RV dealers with tailored floorplan options.

“MAFS understands that Specialty dealers are operating in niche markets with unique financial situations,” said Karen Braddy, general manager of Manheim Specialty. “MAFS offers important customizations to make the financing process easier and more efficient to help specialty dealers buy and sell more units.”

The division offers competitive rates, 100 percent financing of auction purchase prices, personalized customer service and extended terms ranging from 120 to 150 days of financing. The company also aids dealers in working capital management and provides administrative services.

Additional, MAFS offers the Heavy Truck program and RV/Motorcycle program to complement dealers’ inventory financing needs for a wide array of specialty units.

“From our experience, specialty dealers are extremely strong operators with unique needs that traditional floorplans oftentimes cannot support,” said Kathy Decker, group vice president of Manheim Financial Services. “Their detailed knowledge of these niche markets makes them a perfect fit for MAFS. Our goal is work with Specialty dealers to identify ways our finance programs can help them sell more units.”

MAFS offers dealers inventory financing for use at Manheim, both in-lane and online, as well as at most National Auto Auction Association (NAAA) member auctions nationwide. For more information, visit