The Union of Concerned Scientist (UCS)’s Hybrid Scorecard rankings named Toyota, Ford and Honda hybrids as the cleanest, most fuel-efficient vehicles based on miles per gallon (MPG), environmental improvement, value and forced features that increase the price of the vehicle.

In the non-luxury model segment, the UCS named the Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Insight and Ford Fusion Hybrid as the best hybrids in their category. As the non-luxury category winner, the Toyota Prius features 50 MPG, the highest non-luxury environmental improvement score (EIS) of 9.2, a hybrid value designation of Very Good and no forced features.

In the luxury hybrid segment, UCS named the Toyota-made Lexus CT 200h and Ford-built Lincoln MKZ Hybrid as the top models. Category winner Lexus CT 200h features 42 MPG, an EIS of 8.6, a hybrid value designation of Superior and no forced features.

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