McLEAN, Va.A new Dealer Attitude Survey conducted by the National Automobile Dealers Association showed that the 15,360 franchised dealers making up its membership are more satisfied this year with the support their receiving from their respective automakers.

“The high level of attention and importance the manufacturers place on the dealer responses is impressive,” said Carroll Smith, chairman of NADA’s Industry Relations committee.
Conducted by the NADA’s Industry Relations group, the Dealer Attitude Survey measures dealers’ sentiment on the franchise value, automaker policy decisions that affect their stores and the support they receive from field staff. The most recent survey was conducted between January and February.
Hyundai finished in the top spot for the second consecutive survey period, with affiliate Kia finishing fourth. After 26 consecutive survey periods in the No. 1 spot, Toyota’s Lexus division dropped to No. 2. Subaru ranked third for the fourth consecutive time and Mercedes-Benz ranked fifth.
The survey results were presented to more than 325 senior automaker executives representing 30 automotive brands in a series of meetings over a two-month period. 

The NADA’s 2011 summer survey is available online from July 6 through August 4. For the full summary of the 2011 winter survey, visit