LAS VEGAS — MPi announced the release of its new eBook, “Earning the Green Light to Customer Upsell Profitability.” The eBook contains information on what dealership service advisors need to know about upselling customers, how to do it correctly and how to do it so customers sell themselves, according to the company.

"Some of the dealerships mentioned in ‘Earning the Green Light to Customer Upsell Profitability’ are achieving monthly upsell parts and labor sales of $100,000 and more a month, using a process that helps them educate customers about their vehicles' service needs, which builds confidence in upsell recommendations," said Les Silver, MPi chairman and CEO.

The eBook discusses a variety of topics, including how to navigate perceptions so upsell isn't viewed as a negative, how to develop advisors who feel confident in presenting upsell opportunities, how to move customers to "green" so the upsell can happen naturally and how to upsell customers so the dealership improves its parts and labor sales.

"Whether your shop has one advisor or a dozen, they can learn to see real value in the upsell process,” Silver said. “As a result, they become adept at presenting additional service recommendations in a manner that builds customer trust and gains their additional business,"

To download “Earning the Green Light to Customer Upsell Profitability,” click here.