SAN RAMON, Calif. — MediaTrac announced the launch of the BeBack Program, a vehicle sales inducement program designed to target potential buyers that might not have purchased a product on their most recent visit to the dealership.

The BeBack program aims to help drive lost sales opportunities back into auto dealerships by providing the buyer with an immediate, customer-centric, valuable reason to return to the store and make a purchase, according to the company.

"Our new BeBack program has been highly effective in the beta dealerships,” said Jeff Shenk, director of operations at MediaTrac. “In fact, one Toyota dealership sold 10 new Toyotas in the first 10 days on the program as a direct result of the BeBack card.”

The BeBack Program allows each dealership to select an incentive value, issue it in the form of a time-restricted, redeemable card and offer it to customers as a sales incentive to entice them to return within a specified period of time to make a purchase. The BeBack card resembles a gift card with the dealership's brand displayed and can have a variety of different denominations. The dealership also chooses the discount value offered to each prospective buyer.

Following their initial visit to the dealership and the issue of a BeBack card, a series of communications are sent to prospects to entice them back into the dealership. The first of these communications is a quick email survey that seeks to determine why the customer did not make a purchase.

"Prospects decide where to buy in part based on the speed and quality of sales follow-up. Statistics prove that if you can get your prospects back to your store quickly, you will have a much better chance of closing the sale,” said Shenk. “We deliver the right communications at the right time to entice your customers to return. And whether it is sitting in your prospect's wallet or purse -- or even on their dresser at home -- the BeBack card is a concrete reminder of the value of doing business with your dealership.”