WAYNE, Pa. — MaximTrak Technologies announced that it has completed the Reynolds Certified Interface program and that it is now certified to integrate with Reynolds and Reynolds’ ERA dealer management system (DMS).

The certification allows MaximTrak to retrieve data from a dealer's ERA DMS using standard data interfaces developed as part of the RCI Program.

"DMS Integration is of primary importance to dealers because it eliminates double entry of data and saves the F&I manager time on each transaction while reducing errors,” said Paul Manili, MaximTrak's chief technical officer. “The customer impact is less wait time at the point of sale, which has dramatic implications on customer satisfaction index scores."

MaximTrak consolidates many of the finance manager’s tasks into one application interface and provides access to real-time rates, menu presentation tools and electronic contract submissions with industry providers. The Web-based platform is designed to enhance the presentation of value-added aftermarket options to consumers and drive increases in F&I product sales and customer satisfaction ratings.

For more information, visit www.maximtrak.com.