MCLE AN, Va. — NADA University will hold a week-long integrated seminar for dealership general managers and aspiring GMs. Led by NADA U’s partner trainers, the event is scheduled for Oct. 24-28 at the NADA headquarters.

General Manager Power Pack will cover primary operations of the dealership from the GM’s perspective. Attendees will learn how to most effectively oversee and lead change in each dealership area by gaining a clear understanding of what metrics to track, what questions to ask, the performance standards to expect and more.

“We’re bringing in a collection of industry giants to make this the most information-packed seminar for general managers ever offered in one place,” said Marilynn Youngs, senior director of NADA University. “This is an absolute can’t-miss opportunity for any GM looking to improve dealership performance and profitability.”   

The seminar features the following NADA U Partner trainers:

• Jeff Sacks, president of Jeff Sacks & Associates

• Jeff Cowan, president of Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk, Inc

• Jared Hamilton, founder and CEO of,

• Grant Cardone, CEO of Cardone Training Technologies

• Ron Reahard, president, Reahard & Associates

• Alan Ram, president, ProActive Training Solutions

• Don Reed, CEO, DealerPro Training

• Jim Dance, NADA U Academy guest instructor and president of Walter Strayer Company

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