LAS VEGAS — MPi announced the launch of its EDGE Express tool suite for auto dealer express service business operations. Designed to help increase efficiency and profitability, the solution is optimized for mobile devices, includes customizable inspection templates and features embedded workflows.

“Our goal with EDGE Express is to help service departments increase their parts and labor gross profits in their express service business operations by creating a well-organized, practiced and consistent vehicle inspection program,” said Rich Holland, MPi president.

Other capabilities include the ability to create inspections without the repair order originating in the DMS, and the option to record technician observations and recommendations in real time, according to the company. EDGE Express works to speed up the process to provide the customer with inspection details early enough in their visit to make purchasing decisions on the spot for any additional services needed.

“There has been a huge rise recently in the number of dealers offering express lane fast-lube services as they can produce substantial increases in service business,” Holland said. “We are excited to now offer a set of tools to help improve profits in this area as well.”


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