LOS ANGELES —Kansas City Independent was named Top Overall Auction and Most Improved Auction by Westlake Financial Services, which also named Manheim St. Pete as the Top Service Auction.

Also named in Westlake’s third quarter Top Auctions List was Dealers Auto Auction Idaho, which was named Top Loyalty Sales Auction.

“We are pleased to name Kansas City Independent as our Top Overall Auction and Most Improved Auction for the third quarter,” said Bill Walters, vice president of marketing. “KCI had a standout quarter in sale and service measures. They finished near the top in almost all sale categories.”

KCI’s efforts in highlighting Westlake’s account, and their focus on service and marketing were contributing factors to their strong results, Westlake officials said.

As for Manheim St. Pete taking the Top Service Auction honors for 3Q, Dirk Grammel, regional auction rep, said, “St. Pete has always treated us like their most important client. Especially noteworthy has been Manheim St. Pete’s approval rate on our ‘Buy With Confidence’ program and usually strong on-line sales performance.”

For the third straight quarter, Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho topped the list for participation in Westlake’s Dealer Loyalty Program. “DAA of Idaho does a great job bringing out our dealer base. An outstanding two out of three total sales qualified for the program,” said Brad Hall, regional auction rep.