WESTERVILLE, Ohio — NAC, a service contract sales and administration company,  has launched a new claims submission system, which will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Designed to address the efficiency gaps and time-of-day restrictions, the new system enables quick and simple submission of claims to NAC whenever it is most convenient for their dealership clients, according to the company. The system was designed under the direction of Steve Juresich, senior vice president of claims at NAC.

“We have clients across the United States in different time zones working vastly different schedules, and we needed a way to offer the same level of service and convenience to all of them,” Juresich said. “Now, no matter where the service personnel are, they can still continue the claims process by submitting information to NAC online — any time. It’s really about making it as simple as possible for our clients to do business with us.”

NAC’s claims system, which launched on Dec. 1, is accessible at no additional cost to all of the company clients. For more information, visit www.nacsolutions.com.