DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.DMEautomotive announced the launch of Best Chance Equity Communications, a program that strategically targets and markets to customers who are in positive equity position with their current vehicle.

Integrated into DMEautomotive’s Customer Journey program, Best Chance identifies customers eligible to receive the offer based on dealership business rules, and then automatically communicates the opportunity to trade their current vehicle for a new one at the same or lower monthly payment, according to the company. The program is designed to help dealers build up late-model, used-vehicle inventory, move more new vehicles and increase customer sales retention.

“Best Chance truly is a win for both consumers and dealers,” said DMEautomotive’s President and CEO Mike Walther. “Eligible car owners are identified by DMEautomotive technology and then delighted with this new opportunity. With new vehicle sales still recovering and used sales white hot, Best Chance not only helps dealers generate new-car sales, but also helps expand their used-vehicle inventory. And, because the communications are precision-segmented and automated, the process is extremely cost-effective.”

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